Swim Caps – Why You Should Always Wear One When Swimming

Swim caps are not just a fashion accessory for swimming. They offer many benefits to swimmers. While chlorine protects us from harmful bacteria when we are in a swimming pool, it also causes our hair to become dry and brittle. Very often hair exposed to chlorine will also become bleached, ruining any hair coloring treatment which you might have invested in.

When swimming in sunny weather, your scalp may get sun burnt if your head is unprotected from the blazing sun. Conversely, when swimming in cold temperatures, swim caps help to keep our heads warm by reducing heat loss to the surrounding water.

If you have long hair and you swim with your hair loose, this can make it difficult to breathe and see when your long, wet hair covers your face and eyes. Wearing a swim cap holds your hair back and away from your face while you swim.

In addition, if you do not keep your long hair tucked behind a swim cap, you may face the risk of getting your hair entangled in the pool filter or trapped by the powerful suction of the pool drain. When this happens, you could get pinned underwater for long periods of time which could lead to drowning.

There is yet another benefit of wearing a swim cap. Wearing a swim cap creates a smooth surface for the water to flow over and reduces hydrodynamic drag while moving forward in water. This helps competitors to achieve faster timings.

Swim caps therefore are a necessity to protect us from the harsh elements, they could save our lives and help us achieve a higher level of mobility in water too. Therefore next time you go swimming, be sure to wear a swim cap.

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